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How to take care of your puppy

• Puppy-proof your house

•  Provide space for the puppy

• Buy two metal (stainless steel) bowls — one for food and one for water.

• Provide a puppy bed

• Shower them with toys

• Choose the right puppy treats

• Get them quality puppy food

• Buy the basic grooming tools

• Get the puppy comfortable in your home

Cold-Weather Care Tips for Pet Owners

• If it’s cold, keep pets mainly indoors

• Prime time for a winter vet visit

• Supervise off leash pets

• Stay vigilant against frostbite

• Treat senior pets with extra care

• Safeguard your pet from accidental burns

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*Should your pet have an accident or illness outside of our surgery's normal hours please ring 01623 623 061 and listen to the answer machine message, which will give you the telephone number of the vet on call*


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